Fo(u)r Each Other: A Review of the Porch Party Mamas - May 11- Club PAssim Show

“Is there anything she doesn’t play?” Felicia Brady-Lopez of the Porch Party Mamas exclaims as Katrin Peterson switches from her percussion setup of eight instruments — cajon, frame drum, and bongos, to name a few — to a Roland keyboard. But Brady-Lopez’s remark applies to all four women in the well-loved band. Indeed, throughout their two-hour set, each musician switched instruments at least once: Brady-Lopez from the piano to the accordion to the percussion kit, Ksenia Mack from acoustic guitar to banjo, Jane Grondin from fiddle to guitar, and Peterson’s aforementioned use of the percussion kit, made up of instruments from five continents. Despite their individual skills, though, what truly unites the Porch Party Mamas is their harmony — both interpersonally and vocally. Continue Reading


The Porch Party Mamas are an engaging and magnetic Boston-area band of four female musicians who've developed a fun and moving unique blend of folk, country, Celtic, and blues repertoire. They play beautiful arrangements of lovely and whimsical songs featuring dynamic lead vocals and lush harmonies backed by virtuosic guitar, fiddle, accordion, piano, percussion, banjo, and bass playing.

"The Life I Own" is the third and most ambitious CD to date from the Boston-based group, Porch Party Mamas. These dynamic singer-songwriters have delivered with this impressive body of work of beautifully crafted songs and moving performances. A lush palette of fiddle, accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass, percussion, distinct lead vocals, and tight harmonies combine to create a moving, playful, and deeply hued sonic portrait.


February 2019

A live recording of Liz's song "Praying for the Rain" from New Haven's East Rock Concert Series in Connecticut. 

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